What Are We?

Mistral is a discrete society in the most discrete of verticals, choosing to focus exclusively on premium search traffic. Our traffic purveyors meticulously screen the most suitable partners from every continent to deliver the highest quality performance and conversions available. Mistral is limited to working with selected publishers and advertisers, and therefore partnerships are by invitation only. We have found these exclusive relationships are simply more beneficial to our customers and require valuable time to fully service.

Secret treaties now forming.

For Advertisers

Media Buyers who know the difference, reach your audience now. Mistral's business development team uniquely hand selects the highest quality traffic sources to deliver performance goals at scale. Our technology allows for precise keyword targeting across web and mobile devices, with robust real-time reporting. Mistral provides "on-demand" 24/7 "white-glove" concierge-style client service, management and optimization support. You will not be able to find this caliber of traffic or personal attention through conventional media search partners. Simply put, we have invested years in our portfolio of relationships. This is our "secret sauce" and we are keeping it like that, as it continuously produces higher profits for our valued clients.

For Publishers

Good news for those highest in the power rankings. We know who you are. We are either working together or we will be in touch.

Uncaging traffic for eternal loyalty.

The Technology

Mistral has built a beast on American soil. Our technology features:

  • Sophisticated Ad Serving Technology
  • Real-Time Bidding / Keyword Matching Technology
  • State-of-The-Art Targeting on Both Web and Mobile Devices
  • World-Class Filtering and Proprietary Fraud Detection
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Industry Leading Dashboard

Our Team

Technologists, Acquisition and Biz-Dev Professionals, Passionate Account Managers and Support, Brand and Marketing Architects. If you are working with us then you already know who we are and we thank you for making us the force we are today.

A seat at our table awaits you.
Tell no one.

Contact Us

  • Mistral Media LLC
  • 2699 Pacific Coast Highway
  • Suite 101
  • Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
  • 310-595-8711
  • Skype: MistralSociety
  • ICQ: 669088859